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Kazak rugs are unique hand-knotted designs characterised by their geometric patterns, powerful colours, and a distinct appearance steeped in luxury.

Our designs are masterfully crafted by weavers in Afghanistan, the wool that is used to produce Kazaks is hand spun using a drop spindle.

A normal-sized rug could take up to 10 months to be completed – with teams of experienced rug weavers working several hours every day.

Typically dominant colours are red, blue and beige/yellow with hints of gold.

Each piece in our collection is made from Afghan wool which is often spun in Ghazni. The Afghan wool is generally coarser and more curly than other wools and is excellent for carpet weaving.

When these hard-wearing carpets are complete they are stonewashed for an antique-effect finish – the whole process leading to a rug that is as durable as it is visually striking.